Posted by Scriptaty | 7:52 PM

Some insights from analyzing the euro/yen from Nov. 1, 2005 to Oct. 31, 2006:

1. The average daily range was 0.0097 points and the range exceeded 0.0138 points only 10 percent of the time. Seventy-one percent of the daily ranges were greater than 0.0070 points but less than or equal to 0.0140 points.

2. The close-to-close change exceeded 0.0100 points only 10 percent of the time.

3. If the pair traded more than 0.0055 points below the previous day’s close, it had only a 9-percent chance of closing up for the day.

4. If the pair traded 0.0050 above the previous day’s high, it had only a five-percent chance of closing down for the day.

5. Intraday analysis of September and October 2006 show the most volatile 60-minute bars were 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. (CT). The 2 a.m. hour’s average range was 0.0026 points and the 9 a.m. hour’s average range was 0.0024 points. Both hours had median ranges of 0.0022 points.