• Online forex trading provider Interbank FX has introduced its platinum rewards Visa credit card and platinum Visa debit card exclusively for Interbank FX customers. The credit card not only allows traders to get points for dollars spent but also delivers 50 reward points for every round-turn standard foreign exchange lot traded. These reward points can be redeemed for airline travel, cruise vacations, and many other rewards. Because of the need for a Social Security Number, the credit card is open to U.S. residents only. The debit card eliminates the downtime and the fees associated with wire transfers. From any location in the world, Interbank FX account holders are able to move money from their margin accounts into an FDIC-insured money market or high yield checking account. These funds can then be accessed quickly and easily, exactly like a standard debit card. The debit card is available worldwide, regardless of location. More information can be found at www.interbankfx.com.