Professional traders

Posted by Scriptaty | 8:26 PM

Several currency strategists and traders specialize in applying TD Sequential and other TD indicators to the currency markets.

One is Jason Perl, Global Head of the Fixed Income, Rates and Currency Technical Strategy Group at UBS Investment Bank. He has been using these studies for the past 10 years –– identifying, among other events, the USD/JPY top in 1998, the U.S. bond highs in June 2003 and March 2004, the April 2004 Nikkei high and the May 2004 EUR/USD low, using TD Sequential.

Kurt Magnus, head of foreign exchange sales at WestPac Bank, has given numerous seminars on these indicators, as have Bloomberg trading specialists Doug Tengler, Terry Gaut, Paul Salerno, Roderick Bentley, Brendan Scholey, Trevor Neil, Greg Byrnes and David Keller. Other contributors include: from CQG
Inc., Stan Yabroff in the U.S. and Shaun Downey in London; from Thomson Financial, Phil Doyle and John Kozey; from Morgan Stanley, Rick Bensignor, head of technical research; Ed Solari, Senior Technical Strategist at the Bank of Montreal; Paul Day at HSBC; Kevin O’Dowd at Legg Mason; Tim McCullough at West LB AD; Lindsay Glass, Blake Bertea and Steve Shirley from Oppenheimer; Chuck Gall from RBC; Dain Rauscher; and from UBS Gerald Chan and Robert HY Lam.