• MetaQuotes Software Corp. has released MetaTrader 4, the latest version of their forex trading system. MetaTrader 4 is designed to organize brokerage services for forex, CFD, and futures. It includes both a client terminal to be installed on the trader’s computer and back office components to process trading operations on the broker’s side. MetaTrader 4’s client terminal processes a wide array of orders: market orders, pending orders (buy stop, buy limit, sell stop, sell limit), stop loss and take profit, and trailing stop.

  • eSignal and Hotspot FX Inc. announced the availability of Hotspot FX’s foreign exchange data via eSignal’s market data and news platforms. Hotspot FX is known for its multibank data, and its participating banks are fully integrated into the Hotspot FX marketplace, providing ongoing liquidity and a virtual clearinghouse network. eSignal products are available for purchase online or by calling (800) 833-1228. Visit eSignal’s Web site (www.esignal.com) for a complete list of features and pricing options. To trade on Hotspot FX, individuals, broker/dealers, and FCMs representing retail traders can establish omnibus or direct accounts with Hotspot FX’s fully regulated Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). To trade on Hotspot FXi, Hotspot FX’s institutional marketplace, establish an account with any of the top-rated clearing banks and prime brokers in Hotspot FXi’s network.

  • CNBC World’s new and only global program, “Foreign Exchange,” brings together the worldwide resources of CNBC and Dow Jones providing up-to-the minute news and analysis about the forex market. “Foreign Exchange” is anchored by The Wall Street Journal’s Bob O’Brien in New York with Dow Jones Newswires’ Nick Hastings reporting from London. The 15-minute show airs weekdays at 8:30 a.m. ET.